M I C H A E L   B I R M A N N S
M I C H A E L   B I R M A N N S

VISION – Photo Book // First Edition


First edition / limited to 111 copies / numbered and signed

70 b&w photos

98 pages

Warmtone 120g matte paper

28 x 22,5 cm size

Linen hardcover + book sleeve


Payment Options: Paypal or bank-transfer



Vision, the latest and first official photo book of Michael Birmanns, includes a selection of 70 analog photographs taken between the years 2016 and 2020 in and around cologne.
It represents the transition from one phase to another in a metaphorical way.
Within this cryptic journey, its main character finds himself in such a transition, in which boundaries between the outer and the inner world seem to vanish, being experienced as something unitary and coherent.

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